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King Kuku prides ourself in supplying only the best A-grade chicken and chicken by-products. We supply to supermarkets, butcheries, canteens, schools, hotels, restaurants, wholesalers and the public. We provide chicken nationwide in South Africa and we’re a large exporter of Hard Body Chicken to other African countries.

Bulk deliveries are available nationwide, as well as to other African countries like Tanzania, Zimbabwe DRC, etc – please contact us if you want to find out more about our export and wholesale distribution business.

Here at King Kuku we believe in only the best quality chicken. From only R100 / portion. Alternatively you can order five portions of Hard Body Chicken for R450, which includes free delivery when you order 5 portions of chicken or more. 

Order from us today for the freshest, tastiest chicken in all the land – available while stocks last.



What exactly is Hard Body Chicken?

Hard Body Chicken, is also known as Umleqwa to most South Africans, it means “Running Chicken”. These chicken are fresh, flavourful, and finger-licking good!

There are also quite a number of English names given to these Chicken, “Traditional Free-Range Chicken, Homegrown Chicken, Indigenous Chicken, Chicken raise at home, and of course – The Running Chicken.”

Umleqwa is not like your typical retail chicken that cooks in 20 minutes. The meat is tough, the skin is thick and totally different, as a result you boil it for 45 minutes to 1 hour. An important thing to remember about cooking indigenous food – less is more. Umleqwa is not just a tasty dish, but it also requires minimal seasoning, such as simply a bit of salt.

 The flavours are deep and the meat is soft and chewy on the bone, it’s very satisfying to know that there are hardly and fats in the meat as well, so it’s a very healthy alternative to normal chicken.

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